Yes, businesses can get a 30 day extension to pay the Nevada Commerce Tax.  The company must request by written application before the deadline of August 15.  There isn’t a penalty but interest is charged on the balance due.

Section 20(4) “Upon written application made before the date on which payment of the commerce tax due pursuant to this chapter must be made, the Department may for good cause extend by not more than 30 days the time within which a business entity is required to pay the commerce tax. If the commerce tax is paid during the period of extension, no penalty or late charge may be imposed for failure to pay the commerce tax at the time required, but the business entity shall pay interest at the rate of 0.75 percent per month from the date on which the amount would have been due without the extension until the date of payment, unless otherwise provided in NRS 360.232 or 360.320.” SenateBill483