The Nevada Commerce Tax return is due on August 15 which is 45 days following the end of the State fiscal year ending June 30.

“Sec. 20. 1. For the privilege of engaging in a business in this State, a commerce tax is hereby imposed upon each business entity whose Nevada gross revenue in a taxable year exceeds $4,000,000 in an amount determined pursuant to sections 23 to 49, inclusive, of this act. The commerce tax is due and payable as provided in this section. 2. Each business entity engaging in a business in this State during a taxable year shall, on or before the 45th day immediately following the end of that taxable year, file with the Department a report on a form prescribed by the Department. The report required by this subsection must include such information as is required by the Department. A business entity shall remit with the return the amount of commerce tax due pursuant to subsection 1.” SenateBill483